Michelle de Kretser’s Questions of Travel



My review of Michelle de Kretser’s ambitious fourth novel is now up at the Newtown Review of Books.
You can read it here.


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  1. Hello James, I’m just reading this now myself so I won’t read your review just yet, but I’m curious about the cover. Mine is the first edition hardback with a jacket design by Sandy Cull, basically a long shot of the Coathanger across a vista of sea water. Its blurber is AS Byatt. Which edition is yours? Have they issued a 2nd edition already?

      • So I’m back, I’ve left a comment under your review. I finished reading it about a month ago I guess. I took lots of notes, and didn’t have to force myself to, I did have a lot of responses, and I wrote a review that I’m not happy with because it seems so forced and a bit faux (not about what I say, rather how I say it). Ultimately I think it’s a grand, sweeping book. It is ambitious and this is to be celebrated. She writes beautifully, and this balances the intellectualism for me. I haven’t read any other of her works so can’t compare but I think it deserved the Miles Franklin possibly by a mile? For me the biggest problem was what I saw as the melodrama that crept in around Ravi’s family’s fate. I was fully engaged until then, and started to pull away a bit and lost the compulsion to read on.

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