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She Calls the Shots: the provocation of violent women


‘…questions like ‘How could she?’ and ‘Why didn’t she leave?’ keep rattling around like knives in a drawer.’

Me on Virginie Despentes, Rihanna and Maggie Nelson up at Killings.


Alice Robinson’s Anchor Point



My latest column for Kill Your Darlings is on Alice Robinson’s debut novel about grief, memory and landscape, Anchor Point.

Andrew Ford’s Earth Dances


‘Earth Dances is a vivid and rarely less than astute history of the debt modern music simultaneously owes to the inheritances of tradition, and the texture of dissonance.’

My take on Andrew Ford’s latest book is now up on Killings.

Jacqueline Rose’s Women in Dark Times



‘Nothing intensifies an experience but simultaneously nullifies the thinking mind more than pain’
My take on Jacqueline Rose’s fierce, insightful and wide-ranging new book is now up at Killings

Meanjin 72:4



My review of the last but one issue of Meanjin (72:4) is now up on Island’s blog Islandia.

Ignore the photo of the goon at the top of article – this is an extraordinarily rich issue, touching on the problem of value in an increasingly commodified world.

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